Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY: Wooden Kitchen Set Part 1

When I was younger I love playing kitchen sets! my parents indulge e with educational toys and books. 3 lang ang Barbie ko, but I have tons of kitchen toys! I have the kitchen sink that have water mechanism talaga, stove that lights up and the pots and pans move like boiling talaga and meron pa ko exhaust fan na umaandar talaga. During my time, konti lang na boys mahilig maglaro ng ganun :) but iba na yata talaga panahon ngayon, little boys love playing kitchen sets too! and our little Thirdy is no different. Whenever he go to the playhouses at malls, he plays sa kitchen sets and he really enjoys its...little chef daw siya. He even asked me to buy a cupcake maker and we baked his ben10 cupcakes much to his delight!

That's why we decided to get him a play kitchen set :) we opted for a wooden one para sturdy talaga and we can customized it according to Thirdy's requests :) ang mahal din ng wooden kitchen sets starting price is P6,000 and the one i liked Kidkraft is P11,000 from a local reseller. We searched for images and we picked this one. Thirdy like it because mukha daw pang-boy :) we liked it kasi simple lang but madami storage din naman :)

I started looking for the cooking sets na ilalagay sa "kitchen" niya :) ang mahal! a simple tin cooking set which consist of 2 pots and 1 pan is P599.00 ang small din the set, gusto ko sana sakto sa size ni Thirdy :) my wedding sister Mymy advised me to check 88 store Japan Homes :)

And of course tama siya! I love daiso pero ngayon ko lang napansin madami nga dun pwede sa play kitchen :) and the plus point pa is we can use it if Thirdy gets tired of it because it's real.

Sauce Pan P88.00

Small rolling pin for P66.00 from Uncle Ben's/88 Japan Store 

Ladle Pair for P88.00

Cutest Kitchen Scale for P88.00

Rod for Thirdy's kitchen utensils P88.00

Little Pitcher with small cups inside P88.00

Cleaning tools for P88.00

Grill Pan that we will use a oven pan  P88.00

Pot/Pan Cover P88.00

I'm so excited for his kitchen set, we're starting to look for someone to make it :) I'm also looking for play toys yung mga made of felt or with velcro sana :) I will look at every daiso/saizen and toy store to complete his kitchen set before the month ends :) and to add more "reality" sa kitchen set, we will install lights sa counter and sa oven :) Here's a led accent light from Truevalue that I plan to install sa counter :)

I can't wait to share with you guys the kitchen set! :) I know madami mommies and aunties who want to create kitchen set for their kiddos! :)

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