Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 2 Mini Haul + Tampopo!

I forgot to buy this Sommar Rug I'm eyeing for our kitchen,so I went back the following day to buy it :) I bought the pink and yellow stripes because our kitchen is supposed to be the girly theme sa flat. This indoor/outdoor rug is plastic so it's very easy to clean especially it will be placed in the kitchen.

and I saw this nice pink lampshade for 15.00sgd only! at the AS-IS area :) usually the stuffs there are on sale because they were used in the showroom department already.

After Ikea, went to Vivo to meet the husband for dinner 

Bought this Kate Spade serving set....  :)

and this comfy shawl cover from Zara for movie dates :)

Ok, I'm really bad with names especially Japanese Food Names! please bear with me. Basta ang sure ako, sa Tampopo kami nag dinner lol!

 Ramen for the husband as usual!

and mine is Steak Deluxe Set

Yup, yan lang yung steak! but super yummy naman :) sana mas madami lang konti :)

But hubby loves my side dish! super fresh daw ang salmon :)

Tampopo is a 5/5 sa taste sana lang mas madami konti ang servings.. :) Will I go back? YES! :)