Saturday, March 21, 2015

Charlie Brown Cafe

Finally, DMCI Casa Real replied to me and for the first time I received a prompt  response. Dane , the new AE will give me an update on Monday if we're aligned sa details and somehow, it's good enough for me for now. Hopefully my stressful days are over, and speaking of stress... I'm very guilty of stress eating and stress eating for me is sugar intake! One of my favorite dessert places in SG is Charlie Brown Cafe in Orchard :) I particularly like this branch because of its location and the view which reminds me of our first home. 

If you're a Snoopy Fan, this should be on your list :)

Here's our favorites!

Snoopy  Lava Cake 8.80sgd

French Classic 7.80sgd

Charlie Cappuccino 

Mrs. Panda Foodie Reviews

- perfect place for Snoopy fans!
- nice place for simple date and brunch :)
- food is not too sweet
- service is fast and the servers are smiling!

Peso Power

Will I go back? YES! :)