Monday, January 28, 2013

LifeHacks part 2!

I found some lifehacks that I would like to share with you guys! :)

1. yay for magnets!

2. We also do this at the shower room :)

3. For safety purposes too!

4. Nice!

5. Handy!

6. Nice tip for sleepy travelers :)

7. C-h-e-m-i-s-t-r-y? :)

8. I'm gonna buy one for the parents garage!
9. Nice! very useful for tourists!

 10. Nice tip, and protects your cables too :)

11. So cute! perfect for tennis lovers and for boy's bedroom :)

12. Ahhh...ganito pala yun ginagawa :)

13. Double Purpose!

14. Perfect for people who cannot drink "not-so-called water"

15. Will try it later... curious lang haha :)

16. Perfect for valentines cupcakes!

17. Cheatsheet :)
What about you guys? Share your favorite life hacks :)


  1. oh my! I super love this! I want to follow your blog sana eh kaya lang I can't see the link/button. :'(

    1. Hi Geline! :) I'm just new with this blog thing and I'm still trying to figure out the layout haha :) I might need a book for blog dummies haha

  2. wow i learned a lot from this post. I like #'s 1, 12 and 14.

    1. lifehack tips are so useful :) thank you for reading :)