Monday, January 28, 2013

Pantry Love!

Last night, i was bbm-ing my former officemate who is like a big sister to me. i was nagging her i can't sleep bec i was thinking on how to organize our teeny weeny pantry. Mr. Panda was already in his dreamland, and I'm still wide awake bbm-ing one of my most domesticated friends and googling pantry inspirations  (yes, still using a blackberry na maliit ang screen ang tyaga ko diba haha)   :)

We have the typical kitchen like most condo units have. Meaning no pantry cabinet, just the usual cabinets on top of the kitchen counters. We were supposed to use our metal shelf (similar to what posted below) that we bought from true value last year. But my problem is, prone siya sa dusts :(  another domestic diva-friend suggested i use plastic containers with cover but ang hassle na bubuksan pa namin the container sabi ni Mr.Panda :( So right now, ang laman ng metal shelf namin are my m&m's collection, cake pedestal, a big native basket for our plastic container,ziplock,starbucks thermos and a medium sized native basket for our chips :)
I would like to share with you guys some of the pantry inspirations that i googled last night :)
1. this one looks so country chick :)
 2. I love that this pantry have close drawers and wired ones :)
3. I totally adore this compact pantry! Now, if only i can buy a single door cabinet

4. I love white pantry shelves!
5. Pwede ako magtago sa loob ng pantry haha :)

6. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE *dream pantry*

7. I will surely have these when we have our lil pandas haha :)

8. LOVEEEEE *dream pantry number 2*

9. I love it bec i used to bake every sunday, and i want to go back to my childhood hobby :)

9. So neat! *dream pantry 3*

10. Easy to Diy :)

11. I love rotating tables :) I have smaller versions of these from rubbermaid :)

12. If only we have space at our condo, this color is perfect for our kitchen right now :)

13. i love the blue print :)

14. Love the neatly labeled containers and the grocery lists +calendar :)


Now, if only I can find the perfect spot to have shelf or cabinet for my dream pantry or maybe after 5 years pa haha. Fingers cross na sana next year na! :) baka lumala na ang insomnia ko thinking about my dream pantry :)


  1. I love number 8! :D Pretty kitchens make my heart skip a beat!

    1. same here! :) even though, cooking is not my forte haha

  2. I like the simplicity of #1 and 12 and 13 are gorgeous.
    Btw, have you tried searching for pantry pins on pinterest? I'm sure there are lots of pantry ideas there.

    1. hi yammie! thank you for reading :) i just registered at pinterest and its so addicting! :)