Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TinyWeeny Kitchen

If you're used to living at your parents homes that were built back in the 80s , you're quite familiar with the two kitchen system that most homes have. :) the dirty kitchen nasa labas usually ng bahay and the "kitchen" na nasa loob ng bahay na usually ay 'show kitchen" andun yung ref,pantry and all pero hindi kayo dun nagluluto haha, at most gagamit ka lang ng microwave oven :)

Our "show kitchen" used to have carpet pa, ganun siya ka "show kitchen" lang haha. Guests will usually ask hindi ba mahirap mag carpet sa kitchen, hindi, lalo na pag hindi ko dun nagluluto :)

Since I moved out of my parents home, i miss our kitchen not bec i cook but bec i took for granted the space in the kitchen haha. Yung hindi ka mauubusan ng cabinet to stock your kitchen stuffs :)

Don't get me wrong, i love our new home at the 28. We are really blessed to have this starter home of ours :)

For this month, my project is our tiny kitchen, Mr.Panda is the one who cooks so ang chore ko na lang is to keep the kitchen organized and functionable :) I wanted a really nice pantry but until now wala pa din, I guess we have to stick with our kitchen cabinets muna. My dream pantry which i posted here will remain as my dream pantry muna :)

Months before our wedding, I started googling reviews for the kitchen stuff for a starter home like ours. My mom gave us a ref and microwave oven and Mil gave us induction stove. Mr.Panda and I have existing coffeemakers already, mine is a starbucks limited edition which is a christmas gift around 5 years ago from my guy bestfriend, his is a 1 yr old christmas gift from his former company. Syempre, yung kanya dinala namin sa condo haha :) bago pa yung sa kanya ( and im so ingat with my starbucks coffeemaker for sentimental reasons haha)

One of my first purchases is a KitchenAid set ( na hindi ako ang nagbayad haha). My favorite uncle brought it home from the US when he went home for my wedding :) ang mahal kasi ng kitchenaid dito. Thanks to my generous uncle :) :)

Complete na siya for a starter home like ours :) for basic cooking ok na siya talaga :)
Good Quality
Very clean looking for me
I love the can opener! hindi siya mukhang madali masira for me haha

Mahal dito compared to US haha

I love kitchen stuff! especially good deals, please share if meron kayo good deals :)

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