Wednesday, February 6, 2013

College Mall: Robinsons Place Manila

After checking out at Shangri La's Traders Hotel, Mr. Panda decided to take a mini memory lane drive, Vito Cruz now P. Ocampo upto Padre Faura.We went to Robinsons Place Manila and we were shocked na ang dami na nagbago sa rob place. When I was still in college, my bestfriend and i used to frequent Rob Place. Favorite namin dun ang fridays and cabalen. haha :) Rustans is still there pero Red Tag na name nya, halos sale items na lang binebenta nila. Meron dun yung mga clothes na binebenta pa nila nung 90's yata. The supermarket is relocated na din, iba na ang area nya.

I was happy to see a Gourdos store in Padre Faura Wing, yung area na yun parang yun ang dating Nike Store. Ang ang laki ng scrapbooking area nila! much much bigger thatn the one they have in Fort :)

Sorry for the crappy pictures, taken from a mobile phone only! and medyo patago bec the lady guard is keeping a tiger eye on me.

Its quite big and a heaven for scrapbooking stuff hoarder like me! but wala ako nabili :'( :'(
because the lady guard is giving me mean looks and my phone. Don't you hate it when the sales attendants and the guards keep on giving you "looks" just bec you're holding your phones and wala naman nakalagay sa store nila "no pictures allowed"
Anyway, what happened to Goldilocks servings? when we passed at their resto branch at P.Faura wing, I can't help but to have our late snacks there. I miss their food and wala na sila masyado resto branches. I ordered their Jumbo Pork Bbq Batchoy meal.
But, I got this...... (ang layo sa picture!)

Goldilocks, sana huwag nyo ubusin ang funds nyo sa commercials and print ads nyo... :(


  1. Don't you hate it when the sales attendants and the guards keep on giving you "looks" just bec you're holding your phones...

    - I can totally relate to this. It's so annoying.

    And that goldilocks photo of the actual item, uh... that's too bad. It doesn't look appetizing at all.

    1. iknow! super annoying and sumusunod pa talaga sila. i know its their job but sana more on subtle manner naman :)

  2. We also used to go at Rob Mla. during college days because it's just 15 mins. away from our school. Yeah, malls evolved these days to keep up with the competition and to give something new to the regular mall goers.