Monday, February 18, 2013

Hearts Day Celebration at Acacia Hotel


One of my simple joys are staycations :) so when Mr.Panda ran out of ideas on what to give me this valentines, his no-fail plan to treat me out is a staycation to my favorite hotel. Acacia Hotel :) promise, ang sarap ng beds nila, pillows and duvet :) basta may kakaiba sa gamit nila, and they sell it pa :) :) there's a pricelist posted inside their closet, forgot to take a picture and Mr. Panda wont let me buy any! according to him, madami na kami pillows (we only have 5 pillows!) and hindi daw namin need ng duvet... (actually, need namin ng duvet wala lang kami space for storage pa....) when we move to our own house, maglalagay talaga ako ng cabinets for linens like what we have in the parentals house!

Breakfast! I'm not into breakfast bec I wake up late usually..but i heart hotel breakfast haha :)

Fried rice + bacon + longganisa = love
For Mr. Panda

For Mr. Panda again :)

For me! :) yummy champorado :)

Best Hearts Bed :)


 Ample space for extra bed ;)

Glass Shower Room! love ;)
Neatly Rolled Tissues (big fetish: tissue paper should come from the top of the roll)

For some reason, i adore hotel toiletries :)

tub! i miss my gold old tub at home

For South Peeps, this is a good weekend treat for us! :)
there's an ongoing deal at dealgrocer P3,500 only :)
Mr. Panda's Valentine Gift :) (bec I'm allergic to flowers)

Cielins is located at BF Homes Pque :) :) Homemade yummy treats and very affordable too! :)

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