Sunday, February 17, 2013

LifeHacks Part 3 :)

Hiya! how was your weekend? :) I was sick last weekend and stayed with the parentals for a few days . It felt good to be home, I miss my old room, my 2 beds,my walk in closet, my bathtub (things i used to take for granted... unitl I started living in a box haha)
Anyway, I want to share with you guys LifeHacks Part 3 :)  got addicted to these neat tricks and tips!(see my previous post part 1 and part 2, ginagawa na din pala namin siya before hindi ko lang alam LifeHacks pala 'to, for me tipid tricks lang 'to ni Papa haha)
1. Use your good old baskets for organizing bathroom stuff ;)
2. You can find these organizers at 88 Japan Home Center and Howards Storage:)

3. I do this trick with my puff tissues (very useful for peeps with forever

4. Mommies look!

5. Summer Trick! :)

6. Pencil/Pens Organizer for small cans and condiments :)

10. Travelling with the kiddos (set outfits with their accessories too!)

11. Muffin Pans :)
12. Medicine Trick :)

13. Another way to re-use your baskets :)

14. this trick is very useful for mommies too! :) stick some magnets to your kiddo's favorite cup

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  1. LOVED THIS! Especially the basket organizer for the bathroom.. genius!