Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Blog Look + 1st year Anniversary!

Yey! naka-one year na ko sa blogging world! It all started for my wedding reviews for weddings at work :) and then I got inspired with my 3 favorite bloggers that I stalked daily since 2011... :) - miss leah, mommyfleur and dapattylaurel. Then I have fourth favorite blogger - Mrs. Mommyholic  - she's my peg when I become a mom - hands on mommy with her two kids, D-I-Y and kiddie parties diva too! and we're both from south....and I assume we're from the same village too haha (stalker mode on!)

Before Christmas Miss Patricia of Fancy Girl Designs and I started working on my blog, she is such a sweetheart for blog design losers like me! She's very patient, helpful and her rates are so reasonable! tama talaga si miss leah about her recommendations with Miss Patricia :)

With my one year anniversary as Mrs. Panda at the blogging world, I would like to thank you for reading this tiny diary of mine sa blogging world :) I'm not a rich girl that can post expensive stuff or an adventurer that can post amazing travels, I'm just me I blogged about my life, my favorite foods, my favorite store - daiso! i miss you dude!, my first home when I got married and my adventures and misadventures as Mrs. Panda :)

I will post sometime this week my anniversary treat to my dear readers :) I just need to get out of the house (because I was sick for 3 days na with colds and cough...grr) and prepare my gifts for my readers! :)

Thanks everyone!

google image :)


  1. Congrats on your blog's new look, Mrs. Panda! Thank you also for the mention!

    I like the colors you picked for your blog - refreshing tignan and dainty too =)

    Keep writing!