Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 4 Mini Loot

Hi Guys! Kamusta ang long weekend? when I was still a corporate slave, I'm looking forward sa week na 'to as early as January haha! Here in Sg, they don't really observe the holy week...... kaya nung Thursday nanuod pa kami ng fast and the furious 7 because we lost track of dates! Maundy Thursday na pala! eeepss......

Remember my 7 consecutive days loots, here's day 4 :)

Forever21 white skirt.
I usually feel fat with white skirts! but this one hugs my pata-pata at the right places :) may slight na slimming effect :) and the best part, I got it for 10sgd lang!

Forever New Sky Blue Pants
I think its the same company with Ever New, they have the same signature style :) classy and laidback :) and those beautiful dresses that you can even wear for your own wedding. I love the zipper details and the texture of the pants. And I got it on sale 75% off! 25sgd na lang :) :) I don't usually wear colored pants because I'm so conscious with my thighs... but this one don't make me look like a lumpia shanghai :)

I'm happy with my purchases for two things, 1 is its on sale and 2 they're friendly with my thighs! :)


  1. I have the same white skirt that I bought from divisoria for 85 pesos sis!


  2. Don't have any white skirt. I don't know if I can pull it off ;( Inggit!

  3. Wow great deals sis! Nakaka miss mag shopping dyan :) Few years back I bought 4 pairs of shoes from C&K during the GSS :)