Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas gifts = Shoebox Love

I'm still doing my shoebox-es loves and I realized I have no more shoeboxes left.  I called my mom already to send me some so I can finish my shoebox loves in time. And since we have so many friends (yes, medyo marami din nagtyatyaga sa amin ni Mr. Panda hihi) marami - rami ako gagawin shoebox loves. Hindi naman po sila typhoon victims (thank you lord), but instead of giving them gifts, we will make shoeboxes under their names. As I've mentioned at my previous blog post, we reallocated our remaining Christmas shopping funds. We usually shop early especially for the kids. We usually start our Christmas Shopping with the kiddos gifts, its more fun to shop at the toys section hihi! :)

Here are some samples of our shoebox - es loves:

Our friends are really happy and touched :) We will be spending the next two weeks for our projecct shoebox love and we are thankful for this chance to help and give some love to the typhoon victims.:)

Its 31 Days to go before Christmas! :)

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