Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursdate: Chelsea Serendra

During our wedding last year, our loving friends prepared a surprise video of their greetings and tips for us! One of them is to always have a date :) Mr. Panda and I have everyday dates, sometimes we do it at home and if we have extra time we go out even on weekdays. 

A good old favorite is Chelsea :) 


complimentary! :)

Hickory Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs Big Plates

Slow-Cooked Herbed Norwegian Salmon

of course, may rice pa din! :)

Chocolate Chip NY Cheesecake

Peso Power
3.75/5 (bec of the cheesecake)

Mrs. Panda Foodie Views:
- the ribs sauce is too rich for my taste
- salmon is a bit bland
- NY cheesecake - meron twin sister at one of the restaurants in Greenbelt for a lesser price :(

I don't know what happened with Chelsea but I'm quite sad with their dishes from our last visit. I hope the next one will be much better.

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