Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas is over....Seriously?!

And just like that the merriest holiday is over.... We prepared for months and just one week its all over. Mom switched on all the holiday lights and I watched for a few minutes. Where did the holiday season go? 

My mom's ribbon-y Christmas tree :)

Between Christmas get-togethers and annual parties, Mr. Panda and I were only able to squeeze one holiday lunch with the family at Shang Palace before the 24th. We went twice to Shang Palace last December and Mr. Panda is in love with the dimsum buffet! His chinky eyes.....almost gone with pure food happiness hihi    (--,) 

Last Christmas Eve was an almost traumatic night for us, almost because everyone was safe from the accident. My niece (who's like a daughter to me) and her 4 years old son (our family baby) were on their way to my parents' house at around 7pm when a drunk guy suddenly crossed! My niece just saw something hit her right windshield (right in front of her son) and may malaking basag na! Tinabi niya yung car to check her son agad and check ano din yung tumama sa kanila. Hindi pala ano, sino. A traffic enforcer approached them and told her she hit somebody. But someone brought the victim to the nearest hospital already which is like 2 blocks away, my niece called us and started crying. Thank God, hindi sila nasaktan with the impact and thank God yung bubog nagstart mahulog when our little boy was out of the car already. 

We went to the hospital and we learned from the ER doctor na sobrang lasing yung lalaki. The very kind Samaritan/Christmas Angel who brought the victim to the hospital also informed us na sobrang lasing nga daw yung lalaki na kahit duguan siya hindi pa niya nararamdaman yung pain. Sa totoo lang  naawa ako sa kanya when I saw him, there were cuts at this forehead and sa arm. Pero sana naging responsible drinker siya at hindi siya basta tumakbo sa road ng green light. There were witnesses who informed us na tumakbo talaga siya ng green light. Sana naging responsible drinker siya baka hindi sana nangyari yun. 

The traffic enforcers said hindi naman mabilis takbo ng niece ko because medyo traffic pa sa area na yun (if you're from south, alam niyo naman santana grove to bf pque ay super traffic lalo na nung Christmas season). After ct scan, xray and few stitches, the doctor gave us the clearance. We asked if may family ang victim that we should call. Wala daw. We went to the police station while tinatapos ang pag-gamot sa kanya for the police report. 

Eto na, dumating na in-laws niya sa police station...... humihingi na ng areglo...... medyo nag-init ulo ko, humihingi ng pampagamot and bakit daw hindi confinement. Buti na lang the doctor said hindi kailangan. Yung mga police sa station started hinting "ma'am, madadaan naman yan sa tamang usapan.." I told the in-laws we are only paying for his daily work rate and for ilang days siya need makarecover. The in laws said mga ilang months daw need nila. I called the hospital again and they confirmed two weeks lang back to work na daw yun kasi clear naman lahat ng results. We gave extra for the medicines na pain killer and amoxiclav. 5 minutes before Christmas Eve, we left the police station. Thankful ako nakauwi kami ng maayos pero sana naman mag ingat tayo sa daan and mag-ingat sa pag-inom.

Thank you Papa Jesus for one of the best Christmas gift... we were home for Noche Buena 2013 :)

Sorry friends if medyo nega yung post, pero yun talaga ang naging highlight ng Christmas 2013. But still, we were overwhelmed with God's Grace to us.

Christmas 2013 was very memorable for us :) Mr. Panda and I are very grateful for the blessings too :)

I wish you guys had a blessed Christmas 2013 and a happier 2014 too! :) :)

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