Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thank you 2013 and Hello 2014! plus our New Years Day Dinner :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!! 

2013 was a good year to me and my family. No major sickness, a blessed career for the hubby and the panda couple survived a year of marriage! yehey! hihi :) Dears, when you're married na you'll understand :) everyday, you'll be thankful that your marriage is intact and you are happy that you are still married. Marriage is always a work in progress e, totoo pala yun, lot of patience and hard work no matter how perfect your husband is. Lumalayo na ko sa topic ko haha. I'm thankful for 213 that despite of the big floods (define big floods sa house namin 5 feet sa first floor) my parents were safe sa 2nd floor and nag subside agad ang flood. I'm thankful for 2013 for our 1st mini-moon at Bohol (hopefully, 2014 matuloy na ang mini-moon series). I'm thankful for the safe deliveries of my bestfriend and hs friends. I'm thankful for our memories at our first home, we moved out before Christmas and we are just praying the new owners will take care of the place as much as we did. I'm thankful that I got to spend more time with my dear kiddos (my pamangkins and our family's baby Thirdy) this year. I'm thankful that my neice and her son were safe after their car hit a drunk guy last Christmas Eve (the guy have minor cuts only, thank you Lord). I'm thankful that before 2013 said goodbye we received a good news from hubby's boss. I'm thankful that I was able to volunteer for Shoebox Love and my hubby,parents and bestfriend helped me with the 321 boxes delivery! I'm thankful that whatever happened at 2013, me and my hubby are getting happier everyday. 2013 also left our nation with a major heartache.....but with continued prayers and unity, hopefully we will recover faster. 

Dear 2014, please be kind to us!!! :) With our fervent prayers, we hope for a peaceful and happy 2014 :) 

Hubby and I spent our New Years Eve with my family :) I'm so happy to be back home for NYE! The fireworks display at out subdivision was amazing! Ang daming generous neighbors haha! Thank you dear neighbors! And our traditional Media Noche - coldcuts platter, goldilocks monay, lechon and hot chocolate!!!

For New Years Day, we went to BGC for dinner. Hubby wanted to dropped by at our old place, but I said wag muna I miss our old place baka maiyak pa ako ng January 1. We walked around high street and we enjoyed the "hindi nagmamadali and walang hinahabol" time :) December was a hectic month for us kasi.

Dinner! I let Mr.Panda decide for our dinner, and nasa jap food phase pa din siya haha :) 
We end up at Gyu - Kaku. Its a Jap - Korean Rest at 30th cor 9th, between I-Hop and PF Changs.

Typical Jap Interiors :)


Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Appetizer: Crispy Pork Belly P275.00

The Grill! 

Appetizer: Yasai Chimiji P145.00

Cooking the Karubi (Tare) Small P 495.00

The uncooked Chicken FIllet (Shio) Small P 125.00

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda Foodie Views
- ambiance is great :) clean and cozy sa couch
- service is A-Ok! the servers are really nice, attentive and smiling! (honestly, hindi ko gusto pag yung server nakasimangot)
- price is ok lang some are pricey for such a small serving
- steamed rice is 60 pesos per scoop
- if your have oldies with you, avoid this resto, their washroom is located in between the two floors and mataas din ang stairs ah.
- the food is 3.75. nothing special and the crispy pork belly......super breaded pork shred yata dapat tawag dun.

Will I return to this resto? Maybe :)

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