Monday, January 20, 2014

Korean Beauty: Too Cool for School!

The newest mall in our city is right outside our subdivision.... as in sa kanto namin. If I was a teenager mallrat, this is great news for me! unfortunately, i'm a somewhat newlywed going to 80's (a cool thing for us are grocery and true value shopping and movie dates at home hihi) and a new mall only means additional "heavy" traffic for a very - trafficky subdivision of ours. But after almost 2 months of hating that new mall, hubby and I dropped by and check out the new SM BF City.... some stores are still closed, happy that there's Uniqlo and a soon to open Mango branch inside. Then, this store near the elevators at the 3rd floor caught my eye.

An artsy beauty store! Its a Korean beauty store that opened its first branch last April 2013 at SM Moa. The SM BF City Branch opened last November 2013 I believe, I got attracted to their non-girly interiors and dino- inspired corners :) (unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the dino pictures)

the salesgirls told me this is one of their best sellers the Egg Mousse Pack which is on B1T1 right nowuntil Feb 2 or until supply lasts! users claimed that this product lessen their pores :)

Face Masks at super affordable price!

i like that almost all their cosmetics have samples :) they said their BB creams are the bestsellers

I went home with these :) I didn't buy any cosmetics because I have very sensitive skin I want to read reviews muna haha :) and we were in a rush also because pasara na the mall.

1. Grapefruit Nail Polish Remover
- fresh grapefruit aroma therapy remover with minimal acetone
- i tried it already and it easily removed my 2 weeks old OPI polish :)

2.  Morocco Ghassoul Blackhead Out
- one of the store's bestseller too
- will review it once I use it na :)

1. Pink Girl Jelly Base
2. Mc Girly Rice Scrub
3. Sizoka Make up Remover

I bought a few bottles of the Grapefruit Nail Polish Remover to give away to my dear friends at the blogging world :) please click here how to join! Thank you! :)

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