Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekdates: Fely J's Restaurant

There are some days hubby wants to work outside our home :)  kasi minsan he is tempted to work to bed which makes him go to sleep lang :) and marami di ibang distractions like tv. Sometimes, he will work at a coffee shop after lunch until dinner. I will do my mall-errands and my me time (massage, salon trips) and then we will have dinner. And we decided to try again Fely J's (i blogged them before here).

I think this is "Lengua Rendang" P 385.00  and syempre my all time favorite "Lechon Kawali" P 389.00

Claude's Dream P120.00 and I think this is "Canonigno with Mango Balls" P105.00

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Views
- the lengua is too spicy for us, we even gave special instruction na mild lang pero even hubby na mahilig sa spicy hindi kinaya.
- lechon kawali is cooked very well - crisp and juicy.
- desserts are ok lang
- servers are better this time :)

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