Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dear God, Thank You :)

Dear God,

Thank you. For every morning that I woke up and every evening that I go to sleep. For every minute that you keep me and my loved ones safe and healthy. For every second, you listen to my cries and laughter. For the past 31 years of my life that you forgive me for my mistakes and you gave me hope and redemption.

Thank you for this blessed life, sometimes I pinch myself.... my husband is an answered prayer, thank you for sending him to me during the most unexpected moment of my life. Thank you for my parents and that I'm able to pamper them and hoping that I can pamper them at least half of the way they pampered me. Thank you for keeping me strong especially the past couple of months. Thank you for listening to me whenever I whisper to you to heal the pain. Thank you for my friends, without them knowing they were my strength and they saved me in their own ways. 

Thank you for your unconditional love. And I love you in my own way, probably in a silent way, but my faith is stronger each day. Dear God, please don't get tired listening to me. I know other people have bigger problems than me but please don't. I promise to minimize my whispering moments. 

This lenten season... I'm on digital detox.... I will try. And thank you again for sending another angel friend this lenten season. You sent an angel friend last NYE because you knew I was feeling down and homesick. 

Dear God, Please look after him. Precious little boy. Sometimes Almost every day Everyday, I hear his voice, his cries and laughter. I think of him every night, not as painful as before anymore. Please keep him safe, healthy and happy. My prayer since the day he was born. Thank you for giving us the chance to take care of him last year. Those memories.... they might be bittersweet but nevertheless... my husband and I will keep those moments safely tucked in our hearts. 

Dear God, I love you :)

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