Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 5 Mini Loot + Lorong congee!

Our talented friend Zammy, brought us to the best congee place in SG! it's located in lorong geylang, I have to admit I was kinda nervous going there. The place is somehow similar sa eatery sa binondo. Good thing, aircon siya becuase medo mainit ngayon dito. After a week, we were still craving for the congee! and Mr.Panda and I went there by ourselves lolz. In fairness, hindi kami naligaw :) I'll post the name of the resto and address when I remember it. :) Super sarap promise! I love love love Shangri La Palace dimsum and the lorong's dimsum is similar with the quality and taste! and the best part is the price! everything is less than 5sgd! unfortunately, I can't remember the names. I promise to take notes of our favorite orders :)

For now, picture overload!

whole fresh shrimp inside!

yummy chicken wings in paper! :)

crispy mantou with crab sauce! :)

Mr. Panda loves his chicken feet, while I totally love this slimy rolls stuff! :) :)

Grass Almond jelly for dessert! :) very authentic ang taste bitter sweet :)

I can't wait to go back to this place :) dreaming of those congee again!

and here's my loot that day whole waiting for Mr. Panda, I told myself that day I will only spend less than 20sgd that day..because i've been buying stuff everyday that week! I went to daiso (everything is 2sgd) and then I saw this nice hair accessories store "helen" and they're on sale! My slim headbands are 1.50sgd each and the brown braided headband and pink clams are 3sgd each only :)

and then I bought water at cotton on, because I suddenly had hiccups and cotton on is the nearest store where I can buy water. and i saw this cute owl bag for 2sgd.

I was able to stick to my 20sgd budget! Hihi!


  1. Love the owl bag! <3 I've been collecting owl necklaces and this bag would really go well with them. Envious! Great finds, Mrs. Panda! :)

  2. that is a cute owl bag. have you tried rotis in SG?


  3. I miss Singapore! The crispy mantou and chili crab sauce are my faves.

    I love your owl bag. :)

  4. Mrs Panda... lakas maka hunger attack ng mga picturette mo! And how kyoootttt is that owl bagelya?!