Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 6: crowning glory + kate

I used to frequent this accessories store called Lovisa at Vivo Vity when I still waited for Mr. Panda the whole day. I don't buy anything back then because we're still moving to the flat and I convert everything I spent on!!!! Now,I stopped converting ok na haha :) Plus they're on sale for 2 for 15sgd :)

And then Kate Spade.... I recently have this thing for Kate Spade :)

I love this scented candle! the scent is ok for sensitive people like me! :) and i love the golden A

and my very roomy everyday bag :) ang  daming laman ng bag na 'to! nagugulat ang mga katabi ko sa mrt when i started getting stuff inside this bag haha --- umbrella, water bottle, book, magazine, pouch, shawl, jacket .... bottomless pit nga daw e! lolz!

How about you guys? what's  your everyday bag? :)

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