Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 7: Beauty + Daiso!

Ok,this is my last post of my 7-days consecutive shopping loot. Just to make it clear, hindi po ako shopaholic ha. Nataon lang sunod sunod talaga yung days nasa mall ako...and i bought a few things. And as a blog hopper, I love to read post ng bargain finds and shopping loots. So here I am posting some of my favorite finds. 

I dropped by Sasa to buy my Biore make up removers, but wala silang stock and then I saw this nose blackheads remover which I used to hoard from HK watsons ages ago. Hihi!

then naharang ako ng "beauty consultant" from Mica Beauty, na sales talk ako ng husto but medyo nairita din ako paulit ulit siya "don't you want to look pretty? you look so old with your dull skin. your husband will leave you" AMP! close tayo miss?! personally, i think this is just an expensive version of cure gel.

and here's my daiso finds! i need black hair pins! especially, when i practice my make up skills 

Fry Tray --- hindi ko pa nagagamit....

I saw these easy recipes with these ingredients from daiso.

shabby chic cosmetic box!

and this well-rated make up brushes &  sponges cleanser :) na hindi ko alam bakit ayaw mag-post ng maayos ang picture na 'to.....

Slightly improved ang picture taking skills. As in super slight lang but Mr. Panda said it looks better daw. Lolz. My husband, my biggest fan.

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