Sunday, February 9, 2014

Small Happiness :)

Last few hours before weekend ends! how is your weekend? mine was great! very relaxing :) Today, Mr. Panda and I went to the north with our friends... North na UP area haha :) We went to UP Town Center. But I will post about our food trip this week :)  I would like to share with you guys what I did last week. I read from Mommyfleur's blog that she will celebrate her birthday again at the orphanage of Apostles of the Holy Rosary Sisters in Merville Pque. This is very close to my heart, I usually celebrate my birthday and have outreach programs during Christmas sa orphanage too. I sent her an email 2 days before the celebration if I can bring lootbags for the kids and she said yes! :) :) I already have prior commitments for that day so I will just drop off the lootbags :) ok lang naman daw sabi ni Mommyfleur :) 

I wanted my lootbags to be useful at the same time for the kids, I went to National Bookstore and found these nice plastic envelope with handle :) and parang fate talaga, sakto lang yung stocks nila for the number of pieces that I need.

Then I brought some goodies at the supermarket :)

Yummy Jellyace and Kettle Corn! Jellyace is a personal favorite hihi :)

Hello Kitty for the girls and Ben10 for the boys :)

We went to Merville around 10:30am, we asked the village guard for directions

"kuya, saan po yung apostle of the holy rosary sisters, eto po address......"

"walang ganun dito mam"

"eto nga po yung address, pano na lang po papunta dun"

"walang ganyan number ng bahay mam dun sa street na yan mam"

"church po? saan po dito? or bahay ng madre po?"

"ah sa ganito....(guard gave us directions)"

Pagdating namin dun sa bahay ng madre, mali nga, hindi nga dun. But the nuns there were very nice and pointed the right directions to us. Kalokers si Kuya Guard. Paglabas namin ulit, we informed the guard na tama ang address na hinahanp namin. The guard still said mali nga daw kami. Nyek. Kalokers talaga. Ok lang, nadala naman namin sa orphanage yung lootbags :) 

Thank you Mommyfleur for giving with us the chance to give small happiness to the kids :) :) :)


  1. Comedy naman si Kuya Guard! But that was a really nice thing you did! God bless you for it :)

    1. Thank you Miss Maita! Kulit ni Kuya! Ayaw talaga maniwala haha :)

  2. The world needs more people like you :) Continue doing your thing.