Monday, February 24, 2014

Breakfast @ Manila Hotel

 Photo overload! 

If you don't like photo food, please skip this post :) but if you do! enjoy this one! :)

Love the tinapa bangus belly!!!! super yummy! this is the reason why we will go back!

Yes, Bacon Please! :)

Ang walang kamatayang favorite! Taho!

Cold cuts and Salmon!

Yummy Taho Station!

Not so fresh Juices....


Ang Paubos ng Muffin!

Pinoy Desserts!

Salted egg! and kesong puti!

Cheese Corner

"The Ham"

I really enjoyed the breakfast :) but Mr. Panda said Sofitel is still better. Oh well, basta meron masarap na tinapa bangus ang Manila Hotel :)

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