Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mr. Panda's Rib-Eye Steak + Cafe Ti Amo

Alam ko baka may nauumay na sa inyo sa kakapost ko ng food (if you see me guys in person, you'll probably say "kaya naman puro food post!" LOL) but yes, i'm still posting food here almost every week :) food is my passion and my purpose of living. Eating is my life. I kid, I kid.... syempre ang purpose ng buhay ko talaga maging daughter and a wife and hopefully a mommy someday. :) 

But I can't help to share with you my food post! :)

One sunny weekend, Mr. Panda cooked steak for me. We have Meltique Rib-Eye Steak in our fridge and Mr. Panda knew one meal of steak will make me happy the whole weekend na! We buy Meltique from S&R :) for 5 pcs of uber-yummy steak, you'll only pay for P1,599. Direct from the fridge, Mr. Panda sprinkled some salt and pepper, then pan fried it with canola oil (sometimes,he uses our electric griller too)

And Voila! My very tender and uber yummy  Rib-Eye Steak :)

I would also like to share with you guys, my favorite dessert place in Greenbelt 5 :)  With their very cozy atmosphere, comfy couches and rocking chairs plus fast wifi! This is a favorite hang out for gelato lovers! Hello to Cafe Ti Amo!

Gelato Waffle P189.00 with pistachio gelalto and mint chocolate gelato :)

Hazelnut gelato! Its like eating ferrero :)

Don't you just love the lamps? :)

Gelato, Gelato and Gelato Love :)

they also have cupcakes and salad :)

Peso Power:

Mrs. Panda's Foodie Views:
- price is reasonable for gelato :)
- i love the fast wifi! i was able to download movies before pa :)
- the attendants are very nice too

Will I come back? YES!!!!! :)


  1. I think the ferrero-tasting gelato is so yummy.