Sunday, February 2, 2014

"My Favorite Things Giveaway" Winners! + Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Belated Happy Chinese New Year! I was busy for the past few days and kasabay na din nito ang Chinese New Year! :) Years ago, CNY means tikoy to me lang, our family will receive around a dozen of tikoy from banks, suki hardware, chinese-filipino family friends and my feng shui avid cousins :) But now, that I'm married to a full-blooded chinese (muggle born lang ang peg hihi) CNY means "alay" to ourdearly departed loved ones, the chinese gods...(not sure if tama ang term ko oops sorry), ampao, dinner with the family, waiting for the new year's eve with coins jingling in our pockets, gold chocolate coins, round fruits and tikoy exchange pa din. :)

And now I would like to post the winners of my mini giveaway! My cutie niece picked the winners from my coke tumbler, and I took pictures! then she borrowed my phone.......and now the pictures are gone......nabura! sheesh! hindi na ako natuto, whenever my pamangkins borrow my phone may nawawala contact info, pictures or nag iiba ang display haha :)

Here are the winners! :)

1. Kristine Diomampo
2. Angel E.
3. Rubie Osorio
4. Devil Snare
5.Gelyn Balantac
6. Grace P.

Kindly post your email at the comments area! and i'll send you an email how i can send your gifts! :) Thanks dears ! Next month, I have another small giveaway because its my Birthday month! :)


  1. OMG!!! First time ko manalo sa ganito!!! Thank u sis!!! My email add is

  2. Yay!! :) Here's my email sis: :D I'm so excited for my prize!

  3. woohoo! first time winner din here ;)
    super thank you sis!
    here's my email,
    thank you! thank you!