Monday, February 24, 2014

Lunch @ Manila Hotel Lobby Lounge

After checking out, we decided to have lunch at the lobby lounge :) and stroll a bit while waiting for our orders :)


the grand vintage chandeliers


the pool looks so inviting!


the other side of the pool with the floating bar :)


the valentine's booth at the lobby :)


Chocolates! there's an edible lipstick pa! :)


Artworks :)





And here's our lunch!


Lasagna :)


cream of mushroom with truffle ( we can't recall the exact name)


Manila Hotel Clubhouse! Super nice ng presentation! Its inside a giant bun!


the yummy fries!


Manila Hotel Pizza


Mango Crepe! this is not your usual crepe


Para siya pie actually :) super yummy! 

Peso Power


Mrs. Panda's Foodie Views:
- everything is yummy!
- the mango crepe and clubhouse have unique presentation :)
- price is a bit pricey...we spent around 2500php ++
- good for sharing ang lasagna, good for 2 pax
- the pizza and clubhouse is good for 3-4
- the mango crepe is good for 1 lang. Joke!!!! hihi :) if light eaters pwede 4 pax dig into this yummy dessert!
- tip: if you're eating at the lobby, please sit in the middle area, the tables near the counters are usually occupied by the guests who are checking in and out.

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