Monday, February 10, 2014

Outreach Throwback! (Kahit hindi thursday today!)

Heartwarming that my dear readers appreciated my lootbags for the kids from the orphanage. Sakto, I saw from my old usb some pictures of our outreach programs from eons ago hihi :) My friends and I have this yearly outreach thing, we give whatever we can share from our own pockets and we look for a place where we can do our outreach. One of my most memorable outreach programs was somewhere in Cavite. Its a small community and we had a program near the cliff ng river haha.  Dulo ito ng Cavite! 2 hours kami from Paranaque. Ubusan ng gas ang level sa travel. It was very memorable because the mommies of the kids came up to us and hugged us and thanked us for the gifts for their kids while the kids naman they opened their gifts infront of us and super happy sila! You can see it in their eyes! Sobrang touch kami and sulit ang aming pagod from the 2 hours drive and mini trekking papunta sa mismong area :)

I would just like to share with everyone some of our gifts for the Cavite Kids :) Ako yung bumili ng mga 'to, please be nice to my taste ha :) 

Books re: moral lessons :)

Disney Phonics Reading, Simple Math and Time &  Money

This book is super cute! meron siya two windows where the pictures are interchangeable :)

Sparkly 123! and more learning books!

Science Books and Character Dev't Books :)

Pop up Books! and a set of Websters for the bigger kids :)

Christmas Theme Books with moving eyes hihi :)

Art Kits!

Art Kits!

Plastic Character Envelopes (we used this as the lootbags)

Choco Candies!

Choco Candies!


Coloring Books :)


Pencils, Sharpeners, Erasers :)

Crayons :)

Disney Classics

Coloring Books


Activity Books :)

Tennis Sets

Blackboard for their mini library sa brgy hall :)

Our outreach programs is something we look forward to :) we set meetings to plan and discuss kung ano budget, ano ang bibilhin, ano kailangan ng pupuntahan namin :) logistics issues :) Ang sarap ng feeling :) Its also our own way of saying thank you lord for your blessings to us :) and we will share some of our blessings to others naman :)


  1. Books! It's never too late to let kids appreciate the value of reading nga naman. This is a nice activity that you and friends do, sis. May sense of fulfillment talaga. :)

    1. thanks rose! kahit minsan nakakapagod ang outreach projects namin, ang sarap pa din ng feeling! and we're happy the whole time pa! kahit stuck sa traffic or naliligaw na :)